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Mar 12, 20130 CommentsActing / Modelling work

Remember the post about my work on a short movie called ‘Common’?

Over two weeks ago, I finished work on this exciting little project (you can read more here:, and I can’t wait till I am able to show you the result i.e. the finished project. Post-production however may take until April 2013… In the meantime, let me share with you a picture taken by Esper Photo/Mako Images (Mark Esper) taken just before we started shooting. Mark was the photographer on set, and he took some of the behind the scenes pictures from the set of our little Wimbledon Common adventure.

You can see the picture online here:


Read what Mark said about me (courtesy of Mako Images)

“MERCURIAL – Maja is a very passionate performer both in person and in her live singing performances. She brings that passion with her into everything she does. She was somebody I knew of but I had never met in person. That said, both Phine and my good friend Kieron Jansch (who had just cast her in the lead role of his short film ‘Common‘) did. What I learnt upon meeting her was how hard she works and how much she pushes herself. Nothing is done half-way and that makes her an easy recommendation to work with.

THE DECISIVE MOMENT – I was particularly happy with this shot from our short time together. It shows Maja as you don’t normally see her: still, reflective. But then that’s also the quality she brings as an actress; the ability to create a face that you can project your thoughts onto and divine what she is thinking of from her expression (or lack of). It’s a finely judged moment in this photograph. She’s not at rest, she’s not at flight – she’s on the cusp – considering the thought before the action, her arms crossed, surveying the next move.

I can definitely see myself working with ice lights Maja more and more.”


Photographer: Mark Esper / Mako Images
Model: Maja Szymczyk (Facebook page: Petal)
Make-up & Hair: Adna Cristina

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