Singing for HRH Prince Harry

Jan 23, 20130 CommentsUncategorized


When girlfriends mention HRH in a random conversation, I am now able to confirm he is indeed a very handsome chap! 🙂 And I know this because, yes one day last Summer, he did come to one of my London shows, said ‘hi’, smiled & sat down with his friends for a long dinner…. then despite finishing his meal, did not leave until nearly very end. Was it stressful? Hell yeah! 🙂 His security are not someone to be fooled around ;), let me tell you that 🙂  However, Harry’s friends passed by our stand a few good times, reassuring me that “everything for great” and ” I was amazing” (awww.. 🙂 so my nerves calmed a bit.

You never know who shows up at a show in London…. better be prepared every time 😉



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